Unity—It's About Team

Beyond Healthy Chocolate uses a team-building system called "Unity" to loosely interlock accounts so users can be associated with each other to help build revenue as a collective. When you help team members build their teams, or you create more team members, the potential of your revenue grows! When you make money on your account, Beyond Healthy Chocolate will send you a check for any funds you have accumulated through your team.

Why Would You Want This?

The better question is, why do WE want this? Beyond uses word-of-mouth advertising to get our high-antioxidant products out into the market place and rather than pay for advertising and marketing campaigns, we would rather pay you. How can an advertising company advocate for our products if they don't believe in, or consume our products?

We want you to get paid for spreading the word, but that does require you to upgrade your account to a VIP (Promoter) Account (just pay an annual renewal fee) which enrolls you in the team system but once upgraded, you can take full advantage of all the bonuses and income streams associated with the Unity engine.

Why The Fee?

Unlike a lot of membership-based models, we do not make any money off a membership fee. The annual fee essentially does two things; gives you a better price point for the products than the average consumer and secondly, it gives you access to our business tools including access to our mobile sharing app. The Membership Fee helps to offset developing these tools, which is why the fee is nominal. If you plan on making revenue or bonuses of any kind, you will want to keep track of what's going on in your team and which members are helping build your revenue stream.

To help you get started we provide a unique sharing URL associated with you. New team members will be connected into to your team when they create an account from your url, so that URL is extremely important! More about VIP.

What's The Point?

Instead of paying for advertising firms, we pay you! Share the product and get paid—it's as easy as that.

Don't care about getting your product for free, earning revenue, or any of the other jibber-jabber? No problem, our products are top-shelf with independent science to back up the health benefits!

Teams take work!

We want you to succeed so a word of advice, you can not get a bunch of team members and call it a day—that's not how it works. There are benchmarks you must hit and maintain, but the basis is sharing, so if you can share and give your team a little TLC, you have a great opportunity for earning rewards.